What type of medium do you enjoy most?

Creating has been part of my life most of my adulthood, I’m an artist who enjoys drawing, painting, and taking pictures. I started this venture in my life because I love t-shirts, and what better way to show off my art but on t-shirts. My favorite medium is watercolor, I started water coloring a couple of years now, and I so enjoy how this particular medium can be manipulated into wonderful art. I have been teaching myself how to draw flowers and decided to use a couple of my art on some of my products. I would love to hear what you think about it and would love to know what your favorite is.

Peace and Love


2 responses to “What type of medium do you enjoy most?”

  1. Phil Avatar

    Producing art that is wearable is such a special and intimate way of connecting with people! Your designs are lovely and I look forward to seeing more ❤️

    1. JACKD Podcast Avatar

      Thank you so much Phil, I look forward to designing more in hopes that you will enjoy it as well. PEACE & LOVE

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