Practice makes improvements

When I started this journey I had no idea where it was going or what I wanted, I really didn’t have a concrete plan. Everyday I kept working on designs, I drew, painted, created on my iPad and I just kept doing it! I would come home from work and think about my current projects and how I can make them better. I watch videos, read about graphic and designs, and all the latest upcoming art. During this process, I found out a little about myself. I learned to appreciate the mistakes and the do overs, and as I looked at my process, I learned that practice should not be purposely. Practice should evolve from what I learned the and how can I improve it. I’m loving this journey and everything that it has taught me so far!! Can’t wait to show off all my improvements!!


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  1. phildetwei Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this! Wise words for sure… Practice is like a celebration of what we can do today that hints at what we might be able to do tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings out of you!

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