The sexy watch

There is something sexy about a person that wears a watch, to me it looks classy and flattering. It completes an outfit and adds character and appeal. It’s interesting how the watch have evolved, from around 1510 when Peter Hele clockmaker from Nuremberg designed the very small clock. They where oval shape and nick namedContinue reading “The sexy watch”

Practice makes improvements

When I started this journey I had no idea where it was going or what I wanted, I really didn’t have a concrete plan. Everyday I kept working on designs, I drew, painted, created on my iPad and I just kept doing it! I would come home from work and think about my current projectsContinue reading “Practice makes improvements”

What type of medium do you enjoy most?

Creating has been part of my life most of my adulthood, I’m an artist who enjoys drawing, painting, and taking pictures. I started this venture in my life because I love t-shirts, and what better way to show off my art but on t-shirts. My favorite medium is watercolor, I started water coloring a coupleContinue reading “What type of medium do you enjoy most?”

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