The sexy watch

There is something sexy about a person that wears a watch, to me it looks classy and flattering. It completes an outfit and adds character and appeal. It’s interesting how the watch have evolved, from around 1510 when Peter Hele clockmaker from Nuremberg designed the very small clock. They where oval shape and nick named the Nuremberg Egg, and then became the pocket clock.

Then in around the 1920’s it became the manual rewind and then in around 1957 it all changed to the revolutionary electronic watch! However you may like your watch, with so many choices that are available. a watch can look very slick and sexy when worn by anyone!

Check out all the choices in the link below and find your next slick sexy watch…

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Practice makes improvements

When I started this journey I had no idea where it was going or what I wanted, I really didn’t have a concrete plan. Everyday I kept working on designs, I drew, painted, created on my iPad and I just kept doing it! I would come home from work and think about my current projects and how I can make them better. I watch videos, read about graphic and designs, and all the latest upcoming art. During this process, I found out a little about myself. I learned to appreciate the mistakes and the do overs, and as I looked at my process, I learned that practice should not be purposely. Practice should evolve from what I learned the and how can I improve it. I’m loving this journey and everything that it has taught me so far!! Can’t wait to show off all my improvements!!

My Happy Place

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

As I enter into this year’s holiday season, I can’t help to think of past holidays that I’ve had. All the dinners, laughter, tears, family, friends making every holiday more special than the last. Those familiar scents, flavors and faces that I would see every year. This year was different, I spent Thanksgiving with just my husband and I, I can’t remember a time that I was not surrounded with my family and friends, children and grandchildren laughing, and at the end of it all my heart would smile with contentment and gratitude. I couldn’t imagine going through that every year, I can’t imagine having another holiday without my family and friends. So please, what ever you decide this holiday, if for some reason you can’t help to be alone, find someone to be with. And if you know someone that is going to be alone, reach out and offer some companionship. Oh, and if you are wondering what the the title has to do with this blog, absolutely nothing.

What type of medium do you enjoy most?

Creating has been part of my life most of my adulthood, I’m an artist who enjoys drawing, painting, and taking pictures. I started this venture in my life because I love t-shirts, and what better way to show off my art but on t-shirts. My favorite medium is watercolor, I started water coloring a couple of years now, and I so enjoy how this particular medium can be manipulated into wonderful art. I have been teaching myself how to draw flowers and decided to use a couple of my art on some of my products. I would love to hear what you think about it and would love to know what your favorite is.

Peace and Love

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