The sexy watch

There is something sexy about a person that wears a watch, to me it looks classy and flattering. It completes an outfit and adds character and appeal. It’s interesting how the watch have evolved, from around 1510 when Peter Hele clockmaker from Nuremberg designed the very small clock. They where oval shape and nick named the Nuremberg Egg, and then became the pocket clock.

Then in around the 1920’s it became the manual rewind and then in around 1957 it all changed to the revolutionary electronic watch! However you may like your watch, with so many choices that are available. a watch can look very slick and sexy when worn by anyone!

Check out all the choices in the link below and find your next slick sexy watch…

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  1. phildetwei Avatar

    Thanks for this! I remember a while back a certain special person told me that I looked sexier with a watch and I’ve worn one everyday since…. Back in the day, people would have one watch and one pair of glasses that they would wear every single day until they were worn out. Now, I realize there’s no reason not to have more than one of both of these things to fit your mood on any given day.

    I think I will check out your link and buy myself another watch 😁


      Yes, with so many beautiful choices, there is something for everyone’s mood and style.

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